Monday, July 11, 2016

Rez PD is Appreciated

St. Mark's UMC Youth show love to the Reservoir Police Department.  From the Rez PD Facebook Page:


By any measure this has been a tough week for Law Enforcement. With the ambush and assassination of the Dallas Police Officers and then the creditable threats for more attacks on Law Enforcement this weekend, this week has weighted on the minds of every cop.

I, myself attempted to get out of town after our busy Fourth of July weekend but ended up glued to the news and in communication with those back at home wanting to know they were prepared for any situation and most of all, safe. As I drove many hours today my mind remained heavy with concern.

After arriving home I got a huge lump in my throat as I read the words below and viewed the attached picture in a text from one of my officers working this evening;
"St. Mark's UMC Youth brought three different kinds of cookies and prayed for us at the office."

Thank you to the St. Marks UMC Youth and to this wonderful community that really cares as much about our officers as much as I do.


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Rebecca Eckie said...

Kudos also to the Rez officer this morning in the SUV who protected the geese and served us drivers by hearding them off of spillway road in his cruiser and safely across the street so we could all get to work on time. Wish I Had it on video! Gave me quite a good laugh!! Praying for you all and all law inforcement across the nation.