Thursday, July 21, 2016

***Scary Situation in Avalon Last Night*** UPDATE

Kingfish has additional information, including photos and a press release from Sheriff Bailey on the situation.  See the link here.

This is circulating around Facebook and was shared by Sheriff Bailey.  From an Avalon Homeowner's Facebook Page:

So this is the second time I have been woken up to someone trying to open the front door/snooping around the house in the last several months. In Avalon on Sherwood Drive Just before 1:30 am this morning, I caught this man looking thru the garage window, side windows, front windows, and pulling back the side of the garage door to look in the garage. He was dropped off by a light colored mini van in front of my house . He was on the phone with the driver of the mini van.... When he saw my cameras, you can see him running back to the mini van but the driver had left him. They met up around the corner and then the man came back and the mini van left the scene. I held him at gun point and called Rankin County Sheriffs. The man fled and was immediately picked up by a light colored soft top jeep wrangler late 2000s model in front of my house. Rankin County was unable to locate them. The man told me he thought his friend lived here. African American, late 20s to late 30s, beard with medium length hair cut. Please contact Rankin SO if you have or get any information. Be safe out there.

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