Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Weekly Reader Articles

Those articles of interest to the Rez are include:

 -- New Highway 471 bridge opens; old bridge coming down July 16.  Traveling South on 471 from the Rez, heading to Brandon proper, you can now turn onto the new section of 471 near Speer's Crossing. That new section goes between Speer's Crossing and the commercial establishments on 471 (Shell Station, Hometown Veterinarian, Frederick's Sales and Service, etc.).  The road jumps Value Road and the train tracks, completely circumvents Reckitt Benckiser and Gold Coast, parallels the existing 471 while crossing the interstate, and eventually hooks back up at the College Street intersection.

 -- Golf tourney raises $38,000 for charity.  Mayor Rhoads and his team at the City of Flowood raised a ton for Safe Families for Children during this year's Mayor's Cup Golf Tournament.  That tournament is a machine.

 -- Suspect who hit deputy's patrol car charged with DUI mayhem.  Some guy named Nehemias Abraham Tema-Lopez was so drunk, he hit a Sheriff's deputy's car near the Highway 43/Old Highway 43 intersection in Sandhill.  The deputy had to undergo surgery for injuries to his elbow. Nehemias is undocumented, had no license nor proof of insurance, so he has been held without bond by Rankin County.

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