Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Weekly Reader Articles

Here is a list of the Weekly Reader articles that pertain to the Rez:

 - PRVWSD to build 3 new kayaking ramps.  Linda Horton does a good job detailing the construction of ADA compliant "comfort stations" at Lakeshore Park, Old Trace Park, and Coal Bluff Water Park ($133,840 each).  The kayak ramps will go in Pelahatchie Shore Park, Brown's Landing, and Ratliff Ferry ($20,000 each).  In other news, it costs $133,840 to build a "comfort station". Is that right?

 - Traffic stop yeilds LSD.  Robert Echols was arrested July 14 after police found LSD in his wallet.

 - Shoplifters take 141 items.  Krystal Oshae Powell and her sister, Deanna Michelle Howard, were arrested after allegedly stealing $3,700 worth of merchandise from J.C. Penny's. Howard already had three outstanding warrants in Flowood alone.

 - RCSD offering 500,000 cubic yards.  The School District is selling the dirt from the 16th Section land on the North side of Lakeland Drive/Highway 25, across from NWR High School (adjacent to Hidden Hills).

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