Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Brandon Amphitheater Video

From the City of Brandon:
This morning Brandon announced the groundbreaking of the New Amphitheater and Park. Representatives from Brandon, Red Mountain EntertainmentWier Boerner Allin ArchitectureNeel-Schaffer, Inc. spoke about the many positive aspects of the Brandon Amphitheater at The Quarry.


Anonymous said...

This will be awesome! Hope in brings in some top notch performers, etc.

Anonymous said...

8,500 seats. Is this the largest venue in the state?

Some of our college arenas have more seating for basketball, but during concerts, a great number of those basketball seats aren't used.

Anonymous said...

um most artists basically are boycotting performing in MS. (Flag, Gay marriage, trans bathrooms) Sort of a waste in my opinion.