Thursday, August 4, 2016

Draw Hunts on PRVWSD

From the PRVWSD:

Media Release
For Immediate Release
4 August 2016

Process for draw hunts at the Rez starts Friday
Archery-only hunts held below dam and in Pelahatchie Bay

The application process for archery draw hunts for deer both below the Barnett Reservoir Dam and the north shore of Pelahatchie Bay will begin Friday, the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District announced.

In its fourth year of the program, PRVWSD will have 17 six-day hunts on each of five different areas - two in the coveted woods below the dam, one on each side of the spillway, and three in Pelahatchie Bay.

“That’s a total of 85 hunts, and on each, the hunter’s will get six days of solitude on a minimum of 240 acres,” said Craig Hunt, the PRVWSD’s director of parks and recreation. “That’s a lot of land to have to one’s self for six days.

“We will be taking applications beginning Friday (Aug. 5) at the Wildlife Extravaganza in Jackson, as well as by mail or at the PRVWSD office. The application period ends Aug. 20 (mail entries must be postmarked by that date) and the drawing will be held Aug. 26.”

Each hunt begins on Tuesday morning and ends on Sunday evening. Each permit is valid for one legal buck and two legal does, and the permit holder is allowed to take a guest, although the permit holder must be present as guest hunts.

There is no application fee, but, once selected, hunters must purchase the permit. The Spillway permits are $300 each and the Pelahatchie Bay permits are $200. Only one permit holder will be assigned to each zone each week.

“The money we receive for the permits is being put back into the hunting program,” Hunt added. “We have established food plots and planted fruit trees and oaks in each area, and all five zones will have at least one high-quality food plot.”

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