Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RCSD Bond Info

The Listening Tours start tonight, and will be in Pisgah Monday the 29th.


Anonymous said...

Why it did not pass last time? Oh yeah it was full of pork. 169.5 million dollars.
List of crap:
Football TURF during a recession.(Which has since been paid for by the district anyway) Thanks Boosters.
7,000,000 in athletic facilities were in the last bond issue they tried to cram down our throats.
20,000,000 in unassigned line item funds to cover overages. Really?.Sarcasm
4,000,000 in professional fees
4,000,000 in extracurricular crap that does not have anything to do with classroom space

Reasons for an augmented no athletics/extracurricular bond issue.
NWR High school. JEEZ building is old as cr#@
Roof of NWR Elementary is cr%$
Brandon Elementary needs to be done
Expansion of Brandon Middle and high school perhaps a building with nothing but 9th graders.
New Florence Middle School
New Mclaurin High

Every school needs a STEM and ROBOTICS LAB with CHEMISTRY component.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea that is probably too crazy for anyone to like - build a central 5A/6A high school for Florence/Richland/McLaurin. They could offer so much more to the students - more advanced classes, more extra curricular, better STEM, Robotics, etc while saving money on administration and up-keep on multiple very old buildings.

Anonymous said...

So there is a listening tour. For me it will be Sept 6 at NWRHS. The bond vote is planned for March 7, 2017.

The statement I read while searching for the frame work of finances and purpose of the bond: "We do not have a set amount in mind nor do we know what the bond issue will include". Unbelievable. That is an irresponsible statement.

Why can't the board put forward the critical need items for the public to "read" about before we "listen"? Isn't that your job?

To hold these hearings without "listening" to our board articulate 'need' is not what I would expect.

The board should do their basic job. Take responsibility and produce a list of needs, with cost before any listening is done. In addition to building and maintenance needs, how about including a reorganization plan for the district. An operational improvement plan of sorts. By that I mean a reduction in all the darn administrators and duplicity throughout the district. That ought to generate a few million a year.

Great start kids.

For now, put my vote in the NO column.