Monday, August 15, 2016

RCSD Bond Issue Listening Tour

In my humble opinion, the Rankin County School District bond will be the most important issue facing the County in 2017. Four years ago, the District handled the bond miserably (comically, really).  It appears new Superintendent, Dr. Sue Townsend, is making sure to cover all her bases, especially when it comes to opening the lines of communication between the parents/public and the District.

Don't want an obscene amount of bond money directed toward athletic facilities?  Attend the listening tour in our local area and let your voice be heard.

Overcrowding and portable classroom usage an issue for you in the Northwest Attendance Zone? Attend the listening tour in our local area and let your voice be heard.

Not a big fan of public education and don't want your tax money going toward improving our future? Hey, even you have an opportunity to be heard.

Mark your calendar for the September 6, 2016, listening tour stop at Northwest Rankin.  Also, circle March 7, 2017, as the tentative date set for the vote.


Anonymous said...

The voters need not to worry about spending obscene amounts of money in a levy proposal next March. This board has eliminated the problem by spending obscene amounts of cash on athletic facilities the past four years. But, not much for education and improving school buildings.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the school district is ASKING for the public's opinion is amazing. It's something they've never done before, and I look forward to meeting with them and letting them know my feelings on my school zone.

Anonymous said...

Taxes are too high way!!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE!!! Vote for the bond issue. The kids at NWR need a new high school in the worst way.
PS... Even if you don't have kids in public school, you should support this. If the school system goes down, so will your property values.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:39pm let me give you a quick overview of tax rates of school districts in MS:

JPS - 82.67
Clinton - 67.87
Hinds - 66.40
Lamar - 63.98
Pearl - 60.40
Madison - 54.55
DeSoto - 53.57
Rankin - 51.55

So... as the third largest district in the state our tax rate is quite low.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with taxes is they add up to a very big number. The taxes include federal and state income taxes; social security and medicare taxes; state sales tax; and county and school taxes. Also, user fees including a state drivers license; vehicle tag; hunting and fishing fees;boat tags; building permits; and even death and estate fees. Your relatives will have to pay for death certificates. So, it doesn't not take much to figure that many can not afford higher taxation and will vote NO.

Anonymous said...

@8:04 It will cost you either way. If we don't fund the schools Rankin County will no longer be a desirable place to live. Our school system is one of the biggest selling points for this area. If we don't take care of the schools, we will see lower property values and less development in our area (not to mention the crime that comes when a community starts to decay). This will cost us far more money than a small tax increase. Let's keep the Rez a great place to live.

Anonymous said...

That NWR "High School" building was sized for the ENTIRE system, kindergarten to 12th, when it was built. It should have been enlarged 20 years ago. Pay me now or pay me later. Only, later, it'll be much higher property tax rates (see Hinds), as values go down and it has to be offset. Or, you can issue a bond, which pays off, and keep great schools. Don't be a fool. Vote for a new school. As in to replace several that are 45 years old and bursting at the seams. Bond issues are the most conservative financial way to fund growth, which has already occurred. Think of how MUCH construction costs have gone up in 4 years, when it was very low at the time of the last bond issue. Yet again, Tea Party "scorched earth" tactics cost taxpayers more in the long run. Penny wise, pound foolish.

Anonymous said...

The challenge the school board and the administration faces is a lack of credibility and trust. The last time a millage was approved by the voters, the board spent millions of dollars to build an administration building. The cost also covered furnishings and staff to fill the new building. Years later, a millage request failed because it included a huge expenditure for athletics. Recently, the board spent millions of dollars on athletic facilities that voters did not favor during the most recent election. One can only assume there will not be much need for athletics in the new millage proposal next year. Why did not the board take care of school building improvements and maintenance the past few years? The board needs to Work on its credibility as it can not be trusted now.

Ryan C said...

Be involved at meetings and push for new facilities at Northwest. The majority of RCSD cash comes from Reservoir, we deserve top notch schools. Just had oldest kid start at NWR, and coincidentally we visited Germantown last night for football. The differences in facilities couldn't be more striking. Families that choose where to live solely based on schools (and many do) would very likely choose Gluckstadt right now. The board has a new superintendent as of last year, obviously she is working harder to generate community visibility to convince the anti-tax, anti-government people that these facilities are needed.