Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bond Issue Listening Tour

Dr. Sue Townsend has been on a listening tour throughout the County, in anticipation of the upcoming bond issue. Yesterday, she came to Northwest Rankin Attendance Zone.  Tomorrow she will be at Brandon. That "listening tour" is referred to as Phase I.

Phase II will start after a demographic and facility usage study is completed.  Dr. Townsend will again tour the various attendance zones to present the findings of those studies.

Thereafter, in January and February, the RCSD will perform community outreach, to inform everyone of the specifics of the bond.  

The bond vote will be March 7, 2017.

Anyone who attended last night's "listening tour" at Northwest Rankin have any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Anyone care about who gets paid during the studies? wonder how much the 169 million dollar study cost? Why not keep the first study remove all the athletics and extracurricular and build/fix what we have.

Matt said...

I attended, and thought that there were some good comments made. I look forward to the phase II meeting.