Monday, November 28, 2016

Criminal Activity in Mill Creek IV and Hidden Hills*UPDATED*


The River Catching Angel forwarded to me a link to a WJTV story on the attempting car-jacking and assault.

Clarion Ledger article.

Hidden Hills and Mill Creek IV experienced a bit of excitement yesterday.

According to reports, an individual broke into a house in Mill Creek IV and stole guns during the morning.  That evening, a female had a gun thrust in her face while unloading groceries from her car on Eastside Drive.  The attacker took off on foot.

The incidents are thought to be related.

The Sheriff's Department caught a suspect in the Cambridge Apartments shortly thereafter matching the description of the assailant. The Sheriff is not 100% the suspect in custody is the culprit; they are awaiting the results of DNA evidence to confirm.

I'm scouring the interwebs for information about this incident.  I can't find anything yet, but will update if I do.

On another note, apparently a car was broken into on Eastside Drive on Wednesday of last week.

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