Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Electronic Speed Control at the Rez Survey

Reservoir Police Department is gearing up for the legislative session and its annual request for electronic speed control devices.  Part of their lobbying arsenal will be results from a survey of

Here is a post from Reservoir Police Chief Perry Waggener:

I have been with the Reservoir Patrol/Police for 13 years and during that time and in my 27 years with Metro area Law Enforcement I have seen far to many automobile crashes in which the speed of the vehicle either caused directly or contributed significantly to the injuries and sometimes death. This agency has requested the authority to use electronic speed control devices for at least the past thirteen years with no success.
We once again will seek that traffic control tool this year. One might ask, why continue the effort. The answer is easy for me and has only strengthened my resolve. I was at the scene in May when Taylor Hartwell was removed from his car seat, strapped to a backboard for his ride to Blair E. Batson. I have followed his progress as he has had to learn to walk again after a traumatic head injury. The speed of the vehicle that struck the Hartwell's vehicle was a major contributing factor to the severity of his injuries. That is my motivation, the health and safety of the people of the Reservoir.
One final note for your consideration, a popular argument in fighting against electronic speed control is it will be used as a revenue tool. Please know the Reservoir Police Department is a state agency and as such, we derive no fine money revenue. All citations written by state agencies go through the Justice Court in which the violation occurred and any revenue goes into that county's general fund.
Your time in a response is greatly appreciated.

That came from the Rez Patrol Facebook Page.

Here is a link to the survey.


Anonymous said...

I am not a speeder and I am a responsible driver. However, the Reservoir "Police" do not need radar. They first need to train their officers in the fields of common sense and community relations. We do not need a bunch of Johnny-come-latelys showing off their new found power and their bad attitudes.

If the Legislature is going to authorize radar use beyond its current scope, then the Rankin County Sheriff's office is the property entity to be enforcing the speed limits on our county roads.

Anonymous said...

I have had dealing with the Reservoir Police and found them to be very polite and not heavy handed as you suggest. I think the Rankin County Sheriff also needs this tool. Both the Police and the Sheriff need radar in order to carry out their responsibility of enforcing the speed limits that at present being ignored by the general public. The overlay district of Rankin County if incorporated would be one of the larger cities in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is just what we need - More regulations and higher taxes.

PRV is collecting a lot of money by renting land the State literally stole from private citizens back in the '60's.

We have a great sheriff's office - we do not need a second rate security firm interfering with them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Y'all need to keep working the parks and landings, and let the Sheriff's Office, who has primary jurisdiction take care of the motoring public. The Rez Police just don't seem to have enough to do, but worry about the motorists. It is a just an overkill and a redundant mission. Wanting radar, when the County doesn't have it, give me a break!