Thursday, November 10, 2016

Jaco's Tacos at the Rez (again)

I speak kind words about Jaco's Tacos and the next thing you know . . . .

Coming to the gas station being built across Lakeland from Mill Creek Subdivision.  This is truly a Numbers 6:24-26 moment.  

S/O to the River Catching Angel.


Jose Cuervo said...

I like some of Jacos Tacos fare down on State Street, but more Mexican food on Lakeland?? Really? El Charro, El Ranchero, El Portillo, Izzos, El sombrero, Salsas, Sambra, Jacos Tacos, Taco Bell, and then Fernandos on Spillway and I'm sure I may have missed one or two.... all within about 8 miles... are their no original restaurants? Flowood is flooded with sandwich deli, Mexican, or burgers. Lol. Ole'!!!!

The Donald said...

We need to build a wall to keep those Mexican restaurants out of Dogwood!