Thursday, January 19, 2017

Great Update from Dog Park at the Rez

How about this for an update from the Dog Park at the Rez:

Thanks to everyone and so many businesses, we've met our goal! We recently met with Jefcoat and discussed the project. Concrete mow strips, concrete pads, trash receptacles, benches, and the memorial bricks foundation are what was discussed. The first thing that's likely to happen is to get the water and sewer line put in. Also for things to get moving, we've been waiting for a good amount of dry weather so we don't have to sacrifice the sod.
If you wish to still order bricks, please do! They may not make the first run, but there will be room for plenty more until we can fill the entire memorial walkway.

They've raised over $31,000.00 for this project.  It will still take time, money, and volunteer hours to realize the finished project.  So, go buy you a brick.  The dreamers and doers who established this project and fought all the way through should be highly commended.

Head to this link for a recent story on the dog park.

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Chris Merck said...

fantastic news! thanks for update; sharing.