Tuesday, January 3, 2017

PRVWSD Nov. 2016 Board Minutes

Below are the minutes for the 2016 PRVWSD Board of Director's Meeting.  A few highlights:

  - Workout stations will come to Lakeshore Park as part of a "Multi-Purpose Trail Improvement Project".  Estimated cost, $120,000.00.

  - In preparation for the large B.A.S.S. tournament at the Rez in April, the Barnett Reservoir Foundation requested and received from the Board a "less restrictive beer service area" at Old Trace Park.  It appears that instead of a "beer garden" -- which has become typical -- now, alcohol sales or consumption will be allowed throughout the entirety of Old Trace Park with some exceptions (kids' area and educational booths).  Unanimous vote in favor.

 - Due to the inability to offer a competing salary for a permanent forester, the PRVWSD will go with a consulting forester.  In the meantime, David Stodghill was hired as contract forester to fill the gap until a permanent consulting forester can be hired. David, I believe, is the former PRVWSD forester who previously retired.

  - A $179,900.00 John Deere Excavator was purchased.

  - The Board approved promulgation of new Sea Wall Construction Specifications.  The existing 1977 Specifications were scrapped.

  -  Holiday wishes were exchanged by all.

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