Friday, January 6, 2017

School Bond Issue

Six years ago, Rankin County voters summarily dispatched the Rankin County School Board Bond Proposal.  Relive those election results here.

Rankin County Superintendent Dr. Sue Townsend prays this year will be different.  The School Board Trustees will vote on the final bond submission on January 11, 2017.  The vote on the school bond issue is March 7, 2017.

A document detailing the scope of work included in the bond issue can be found here.  Insofar as it relates to the Northwest Attendance Zone, there is $58.8 Million in proposed work in there, including a new school for grades 10-12.  The existing high school would be renovated to accommodate grades 6-8.  The existing middle school would be renovated to accommodate 9th grade.

For more detail on the Northwest Attendance Zone, review this document.


Anonymous said...

Interesting no itemized bond issue this time.

Remember they put 45 million dollars of fluff in the last bond issue.

JimAtTheRez said...

Oh, it is itemized. It is a long read, but well worth the time. The only athletic funding is for a new field house for Puckett football. The players now have to walk across the highway twice a day for practice or games. This one is a no brainer. We NEED this passed, and my kids have long graduated from NWRHS. Nobody wants to pay more taxes including me, but in this case, it is extremely important to our community.

Unknown said...

Important for the Northwest zone to pass this. A new high school is very much needed. Even if you are the anti-tax type or don't care about future generations, a new high school would increase property values much more than the tax increase. NWR would take the mantle from Germantown as the nicest, newest school in the metro. For the average $200K homeowner, taxes will only go up around $100 per year, and property values could immediately increase 10% or more and become comparable to Madison prices. This bond is a no brainer for the Northwest zone, important to spread the word and get this passed.

David said...

I like the openness. This is the right way to go about it. Our area needs this.

Anonymous said...

We are in DESPERATE need for a new high school. New neighborhoods popping up all over and its already overcrowded. Just on the rez alone we have the new large development off old fannin by the Hindu Temple and about to start another large development over the causeway on the south side of N. Shore Parkway.

Anonymous said...

My kids finished the NWR school system a few years ago, so the only dog I have in this fight is reason. Sure, taxes will increase a bit. But on the whole of it all it’s a small price, an investment for our communities. I too believe property values will increase as a result the improvements detailed in the bond issue.

During the years my kids attended NWR schools, the teachers and support staff I remember were dedicated, caring, and devoted.
I believe we should provide them the facilities, the tools, they need and frankly deserve. They have definitely earned it.

This is our opportunity to prove to our educators that we believe what they do is important.
Great schools make great communities.
It is the best $185m investment we can make.
Vote yes!!! Please.

Anonymous said...

One reason that the bond failed a few years ago is due to excess funding going toward athletic facilities. The reason that there are few athletic improvements in this bond is because the RCSD has already paid / committed funds to the athletic facilities from other funding sources. Hence, taxpayers are still footing the bill for the same athletic facilities we opposed a few years ago. Per the RCSD's audited financial statements between fiscal years 2014-2016, you will see that the RCSD has already spent or committed to spend at a minimum of $15,461,552 toward athletic facilities (including Brandon's new football stadium that upset everyone a few years ago). This $15,461,552 only accounts for projects started in one fiscal year and completed in another. It does not include improvements started and completed within the same year. So, I'm sure the actual number is much larger. I bet the board did not think anyone would notice this. They have betrayed my trust... again... Be informed, spread the word, make an informed decision, and vote. Below is a summary:

1.) Brandon High School Football Stadium: $7,677,673
2.) Northwest High School Football Stadium: $2,922,618
3.) Pisgah Football Stadium Bleachers: $144,973
4.) Football Stadium Renovation - Florence High School: $1,866,520
5.) Football Weight Room - Richland High School: $496,228
6.) Girls Field House - Brandon High School: $503,251
7.) Girls Softball Field - Brandon High School: $444,675
8.) Girls Field House - Florence High School: $706,801
9.) Girls Field House - Northwest High School: $698,813

This information is located in the RCSD's audited financial statements for fiscal years 2014-2016. It can be located on the MS State Auditor's website under reports. Once in the report, scroll to Note 5 of the financial statements.