Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Press Release on Fatal Accident on Spillway Road



February 15, 2017

Traffic Accident Claims the Life of a Reservoir Resident

Reservoir Police responded to a two-car collision this morning at approximately 6:50 am at the intersection of Spillway Road and Spann Drive in Rankin County.  Reservoir Fire Personnel had to extricate the most seriously injured victim for treatment and transport to Merit Hospital in Flowood, Mississippi where he was pronounced deceased.  He has been identified as Howard Carlton Lowther, 61, of Brandon (Reservoir Area).  The driver of the other vehicle had a report of pain and a laceration but was taken to the hospital by private vehicle.

Chief Perry Waggener of the Reservoir Police Department stated “The preliminary investigation indicates that one of the vehicles turned across Spillway Road from Spann Drive in the path of the other vehicle.”

The accident is still under investigation at this time.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to encourage folks in the district to contact Supervisor Cross to have Ed Spann reverted to ONE WAY. It was that way originally.
Also, drivers should be required to turn right only when Spann ends at Spillway Rd.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a good solution for Spann. If it is two-way, there is traffic that has to trurn left to enter it. If it is one-way (in either direction), there is traffic that has to turn left to enter it either from Spillway or from Grants Ferry.

If it it one way entering from Grants Ferry and exiting to Spillway, traffic from Spillway would have to first get on Grants Ferry and then turn left on to Spann. This traffic waiting to turn left would easily back up into the Spillway-Grants red light intersection.

If it is one-way the other way, there is ample room for left-turning traffic to backup on Spillway. So I guess that's the best way. But its not a good answer.

I related pet peeve of mine around the area are side streets and business parking lot entrances/exits. Use the traffic lights, folks. Why try to turn left out of Kroger (by Fresh Market) when there is a nice light at Grants that will stop all the traffic for you and let you turn left?

Anonymous said...

I believe you mean Old Fannin, not Grants Ferry, but I get your point.

None of the businesses near this intersection have very good plans for exiting/entering. Even leaving Kroger via the light requires you to turn left across traffic just to get to the light. There must be a better, safer solution for traffic flow.