Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This is the Good Stuff

From the Reservoir Police Department Facebook Page:

It was almost 10 months ago that Taylor Hartwell came to the Beach at Lakeshore Park for a day of fun with his Mom, Dad & Sister. On the way home that Memorial Day weekend tragedy struck on the Spillway Bridge. When Taylor's Dad slowed for a traffic delay a speeding motorist slammed into them giving Taylor a critical brain injury. I could tell from the moment he was removed from the car he was a fighter and he didn't let me down!
After weeks in a coma, Taylor put on his favorite batman shirt and when to work in rehab to get better. He had to learn how to walk again but as you can see in this video his Mom sent me this week, he is getting faster and stronger by the day. I know he is an inspiration to me and our officers of how you can overcome whatever obstacle is in your way with a lil' grit and a lot of determination.
Thanks Taylor for showing us all how its done!

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