Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Breaking Down the Bond Victory

For the bond vote, 12,700 folks cast ballots across Rankin County.*  In the school district, there are 73,561 registered voters, so 17.27% cast a ballot.

73.81% of voters favored the bond.  26.18% voted against it.  The law requires the favorable votes break the 60% threshold, which they did comfortably.  It was a well-run campaign; impressive, actually.  The School Board consolidated the community behind the bond.  Kudos to those that planned and implemented the campaign.  Dr. Townsend, and her able staff, exhausted every opportunity they had to get the word out.

I was also impressed with the short amount of time it took for the County to post results.  The new election equipment apparently works!

The East Crossgates Precinct had the most votes cast, with 719.  It also had the second highest percentage of voter turnout, with 25.04%.

My home precinct of Grant's Ferry had the second most total votes cast with 638.

The Shiloh Precinct gets props for having the highest percentage of voter turnout, with 27.42%.

The precinct with the lowest amount of votes was West Pearl, with 11 (all "for" the bond).  That's a 4.82% turnout.

As for the Reservoir area, the vote favored the bond immensely.  At the Grant's Ferry precinct, 88% of the votes cast were favorable.  87% at Castlewoods East and 86% at Castlewoods West, respectively.  Reservoir West had the lowest percentage vote for the bond in the Rez area, and that was still a respectable 71%.  The rest of the precincts were comfortably in the 80% favorable range.


* This limited analysis is dependent on unofficial results.  Absentee and affidavit ballots were not included in the unofficial results.


Johnny Weir said...

I watched on WAPT where they interviewed an individual who said his kids were in a Christian school & he would vote against the bond.
I wonder how these good Christians justify school children's going to school in substandard building. Where does love thy neighbors come in to play.

Anonymous said...

There are reasons for Christians and non-Christians to vote against the bond so please stop hating against Christians and private schools. Believe me, most private school patrons would rather not spend thousands of dollars each year because our government has failed the school system.