Friday, March 10, 2017

Bringing Awareness to Bad Driving

There is this app called Nextdoor.  It can be described as a localized Facebook/Craigslist.  You can sign up for updates, or message to folks in your subdivision.  One resident in the Northshore area had enough with bad drivers on Northshore Parkway and sent this message to the bulletin boards of all Reservoir subdivisions.


After the wrecks that have happened recently and the speeding with near miss accidents I have witnessed in the last few years on Northshore Parkway, Action Must Be Taken!!!
I would like to to gather a group of interested persons, set a date to stand together for a few hours on Northshore Parkway holding signs about driving safe, in an effort to encourage drivers to slow down and be more careful on this road. 
Who can meet this Saturday at the Lakeshore Park at 10am for about 30 minutes to organize dates for holding the signs and coordinate sign making? All interested parties, please respond to this post. If this is not a good time please respond with your interest and a few times that work best for you.
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Anonymous said...

Definitely not opposed to organized awareness for careless drivers however ...

Drivers are going to speed unless they are ticketed or see others being ticketed.

I use Northshore parkway often. When is the last time you saw drivers going the posted 35mph speed limit? Many that pass me are doing at least 45 - 50. Rarely have I seen sheriff or Rez radio cars in the area.

Speed trap the parkway between Kroger and the point where road crosses water. Bet after a year there would be enough revenue generated to fund another Rez traffic officer.

Anonymous said...

Lets all hold signs, wave our hands around, and distract the drivers.... yeah, great idea

Anonymous said...

There is no law enforcement entity that is allowed to use radar outside city limits in Rankin County.

If RCSO or PRV could use radar, they could enforce speed limits.

But I hope PRV never gets radar. There is no accountability over there. Voters have no power over them specifically. I can see PRV using radar for a revenue source. They would very strictly enforce stuff.

Anonymous said...

The speed does not worry me. Texting while people are driving across the causeway worries me.

Anonymous said...

Radar Guns? So we they can ask for more unmarked, blacked out, patrol SUV's with obese officers in them?