Monday, April 17, 2017

Rez Residents Arrested in Madison County

Two adults and three juveniles were recently arrested in the City of Madison in connection with a number of Rankin and Madison County auto burglaries.  Noah Brian McRae and Austin Payne Bieliauskas, both 18, and both residents of the Rankin County Reservoir area, are the two "adults". The juveniles have not been named.  The police recovered several firearms, one was a shotgun stolen from a car in the Reservoir area; two other firearms were stolen from a car in Flowood.

The press release is below.


Anonymous said...

I hope I read this wrong.... the vehicles were unlocked, and there were firearms in those vehicles?

So, anyone, including young children, could walk up to one of those cars/trucks, open the door and retrieve a firearm?

Tell me it ain't so. That is absolute irresponsible gun-owner behavior.

Not sure what is more disturbing.

Maybe one of those thieves actually prevented a 5 year old from arming themselves.

Anonymous said...

^ Thank you! I have noticed a real problem with people not being responsible with their firearms lately.