Monday, May 22, 2017

Litter May Close Public Areas Below Spillway

The PRVWSD is looking to make a dramatic move to curb littering below the Spillway.  Anyone who has walked the rocky shore on either side of the Pearl below the Spillway should -- if they are a decent person -- be disgusted by the amount of litter.  The District has experimented with different methods to control the problem, but to no avail.  It appears the District will now return to the playbook that worked so well with upriver camping -- peer pressure.

PRVWSD will post large banners across the access roads for thirty days warning of imminent closure if things don't change.  If that doesn't reduce the littering, the area will be closed, temporarily.  During this time, the area will be cleaned up by the District and volunteer groups.  After clean up, the area will be reopened and monitored.  If there is no significant improvement in the amount of litter, the area will be closed again.

Gates have already been installed across the access roads in anticipation of closure.  Article on the closure in the Clarion Ledger.

Any one have thoughts on this plan of action?


Anonymous said...

Hate for it to come down to that but if the slobs won't respect the resource then they shouldn't have access to it.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they put the signs in Spanish, too.

Anonymous said...

REALLY DON'T understand folks who will come to partake of the resources of nature, but will pollute and thus destroy that very resource.