Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weekly Leader Articles

Rez-centered articles in the latest edition of the Weekly Leader, include:

  - House burns to ground.  Sad details of the under-construction home that burned to the ground in Woodbridge Estates on Mother's Day.  "It looked like the homeowner had several piles (of old construction materials) burning at once," said Deputy Chief, Josh Swales, of the Reservoir Fire Department.

  - Road rage related charges filed in Flowood.  A 64 year-old Brandon man allegedly displayed a weapon while driving on Medical Parkway in an aggressive driving incident.  We was arrested and released on $5000 bond.  More news here, including video.

  - Fifth auto burglary suspect jailed.  Jackson resident, Curtis Wilson, was arrested in connection with several auto burglaries in the Castlewoods neighborhood.  Further news here, and here (with mugshots).

  - Sunset concert series final two shows.  Prior post here.

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