Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Feathered Cow is Open -- Enjoy!

I predict The Feathered Cow will be a long-standing success in the Reservoir.  My wife and I ate lunch there yesterday.  Every new restaurant has kinks; however, management was on top of everything. The set up, the atmosphere and food were all good.  My wife ordered Wings and Things -- the fried chicken was as good as Julep's was.  I ordered the Stupid Burger -- I should have saved half for supper, it was so big.  The Rez needed this.


Anonymous said...

The "hot, hot chicken" was mild and anyone from Nashville would have been appalled by it. Fried well, but definitely not as advertised.

and the FOH manager decided he wanted to yell at the whole staff in front of everyone in the dining area... VERY bad form and disrespectful to everyone there.

not a good start. Not sure we'll be going back, at least we won't for a good while.

Anonymous said...

This place is awesome, I'm so glad it choose the Rex for their 2nd location!

Anonymous said...

Went this weekend and really enjoyed it. Burgers and chicken were great. Employees were friendly as well.