Thursday, August 31, 2017

PRVWSD Looks to Open Season on Tree Rats

The PRVWSD is looking at allowing squirrel hunting in that fertile hunting ground below the Spillway.  The goal is to appeal to youth.  Below are the proposed regulations.

 Spillway Squirrel Season Proposals
Weekends in February and the May 15-June 1 Season

1. Spillway squirrel hunts are to be youth oriented. At least one child aged 15 and under must be a part of the party and must remain under direct supervision of a licensed (or exempt) adult, 21 years or older. Adults can carry firearm and shoot squirrels. State license requirements apply. Children under 15 must carry proof of satisfactorily completing an approved hunter safety course. 
2. Weekends only during February season. Legal shooting hours are from noon to 30 minutes after sunset on Friday, and 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset on Saturdays and Sunday. Spring season is open daily May 15-June 1.
3. Still hunting only; no dogs allowed. 
4. Limits are the same as state regulations: Eight (8) per person per day in February and four (4) per person per day in May. 
5. Shotguns only, No. 4 size shot or smaller; no rifles. 
6. All members of the hunting party must wear a fluorescent hunter orange vest, minimum of 500 square inches, while in the woods. No exceptions. 
7. Hunting parties must check in before each hunt and must check out after each hunt, and return the information card upon check out. The check station is at the Reservoir Shop near the deer weighing station. Information will include names of each hunter, side of river chosen (Madison or Rankin), harvest results and any other questions included. During hunt, the information card must remain on the dashboard of the vehicle while in the designated area. If a party leaves the hunting area for lunch, they must check out and check back in prior to hunting in the afternoon.
 8. Any small game legal during the February season (rabbit, raccoon, opossum, bobcat) may be harvested using state limits; however, only squirrel may be harvested during spring season (May 15-June 1). 
9. Parking is only allowed in described areas as follows. On Madison County side, parking is allowed in the spillway area and the Mule Jail Trail parking area. In Rankin County, parking is allowed in the soccer field area behind the Reservoir Shop, in the parking lot at the reservoir shop and at the spillway parking lot.

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