Wednesday, September 27, 2017

PRVWSD August 2017 Board Minutes

Highlights include:

  -- Parking regulations changed to allow for uniform enforcement against street parkers throughout the PRVWSD (and not just in the Reservoir Community District).

  -- Hunting regulations were nominally changed to keep in line with State law.

  -- Beer permits issued for the organizers of the GatorBait Race, RyanMan Triathlon, and Pearl River Clean Sweep.

  -- Sirius Southern Entertainment will have a country music concert at Old Trace Park on October 28; beer permit approved.

  -- Three comfort stations will be built; one at Coal Bluff Campground; one at Old Trace Park, and one at Lakeshore Park.  They were bid for construction without heating or air conditioning systems. The Board tabled a decision on accepting the lowest bid for one month pending more discussion on the efficacy of cool air.

  -- Look for live streaming of the Spillway cameras soon.

  -- Long time Board President, Jack Winstead, announced he did not want to be considered for Board President for the 2018 term.


Anonymous said...

Please excuse my French, but what the hell "Street Parkers" are?

Troy Odom said...

No need for a foreign language. Those are people that park their cars on the street.