Friday, September 29, 2017

Reservoir East Home Invasion Suspects Caught

Here is the press release from Sheriff Bailey's office.  For pics of the suspects, go to the department's Facebook account.

September 28, 2017
Three days after a home invasion Investigators have five in custody
Investigators with the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department have been working with Investigators with the Madison Police Department to apprehend two individuals in connection with the September 25 home invasion in Reservoir East, Rankin County. Those two have been identified as Devin Nicholas JACKSON and Jon Michael KENDRICK. Investigators were following up on leads obtained during the investigation leading them to KENDRICK’S Madison address. 
When deputies executed a search warrant, one of the stolen cell phones from the home invasion was located. In addition to the stolen cell phone, Investigators seized two handguns from JACKSON’S vehicle that are believed to have been used during the commission of the crime. 

Based on additional information obtained during the investigation, Unique Alishe FISHER, Douglas L’Anthony SPANN, Jaleen Donares JACKSON and Macthomas WILSON were all identified as suspects in the home invasion. As luck would have it, FISHER, SPANN and J. JACKSON were all three in the Rankin County Jail on unrelated charges. FISHER and SPANN were arrested on September 27, 2017 for conspiracy and armed robbery by Pearl Police. J JACKSON was arrested this week for breaking and entering an unoccupied residence in the Bellegrove community by the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department. The investigation would later show that the Bellegrove residence was used as the stash house after the home invasion.

WILSON was sentenced in August 2016 in Rankin County Circuit Court for multiple counts of vehicle burglary. WILSON received a seven year sentence for those crimes and was released from MDOC custody July 14, 2017. He remains on probation at this time. Upon release from MDOC, WILSON reported to the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department to recover personal property. Investigators checked the last known address for WILSON on Thursday and were unable to locate him. WILSON will be placed on NCIC as wanted and dangerous and we will solicit the assistance of the US Marshals Service to apprehend WILSON.

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Rankin/Madison DA, Michael Guest, has been constantly updated on the status of the case. As of the time of this release, the charges will be as follows:
Douglas SPANN
Macthomas WILSON

Will all be charged with: Armed robbery X 3
Conspiracy to commit armed robbery

Macthomas WILSON will also be charged with attempted vehicle burglary.
Unique FISHER will be charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery and accessory after the fact.
All are being held in the Rankin County Jail without bond until their initial appearance on Friday before Rankin County Court Judge Kent McDaniel. Due to SPANN’S criminal history and the violent nature of his crimes, the District Attorney’s Office will petition the Court to have him held without bond.
This case was resolved in such an expedient manner due to the hard work of the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department along with the Madison Police Department. Although it was theorized in the initial stage of the investigation the violators may have attended the weekend party hosted at the victim’s residence. This has been proven to be incorrect. Several of the violators are acquainted with one or more of the victims and had knowledge of the party, but did not attend. Lead Investigator Zach Acy and Investigator Gerrad Bacon worked through the night Wednesday after the arrest of JACKSON and KENDRICK to further the investigation. There were numerous Investigators with Madison Police and the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department that assisted and played vital rolls in the investigation. This should stand as an example and reminder to the criminal element that if you commit crime in Rankin County, we will use every resource at our disposal to find you, arrest you and convict you.
Devin Nicholas JACKSON 
21 yoa male
182 Landview Drive Clinton, MS

Jon Michael KENDRICK 
20 yoa male
415 St. Augustine Drive Madison, MS

Unique Alishe FISHER
19 yoa female
732 Luckney Road
Brandon, MS

Douglas L’Anthony SPANN
20 yoa male
5958 Grants Ferry Road 
Brandon, MS

Jaleen Donares JACKSON 
21 yoa male
120 B Fairfax Circle
Brandon, MS

Macthomas WILSON 
21 Years-of-Age
773 Haynes Chapel Road
Pelahatchie, MS

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