Wednesday, November 22, 2017

PRVWSD Board Minutes for October 2017

Below are the PRVWSD Board of Director's minutes for the October 19, 2017, meeting.  Highlights include:

  - There is a parcel of land near Fannin Landing Circle that the PRVWSD would like to advertise for bid for a restaurant, retail or office building.  I assume it is Parcel H12-18-20, which is directly north of the Fannin Landing boat ramp. 

  - The Board allowed for a "pre-inspection" of a home to take place prior to the home being listed for sale.  This would allow a potential seller to determine what items are non-compliant so they can presumably be fixed.  Sounds like a good idea that will allow PRVWSD more control over questionable properties.

  - The dog park at Lakeshore Park moved towards completion with the acceptance of the Operation Agreement and layout.

  - By an 9-4 vote, the Board voted to adopt term limits for the office of President of the Board of Directors.  The President is now limited to serving four -year terms. 

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