Tuesday, December 12, 2017

John Moore Leaves the House

State Representative John Moore resigned abruptly last Friday, leaving much of Rankin County without representation in the lower chamber of the legislature this upcoming session.  Now, the scramble is on to find a candidate who can win a special election.  This type of candidate must be able to raise substantial funds quickly ($35,000+), and instantly put together a team to get out the vote.  

Without question, the advantage will go to a person who can solidify the City of Brandon vote.  The powers that be in the City of Brandon will understandably want to have influence on choosing the right candidate.  Below are links to maps of the district lines.  Moore's district is District 60.  The City of Brandon (less Crossgates and Eastgate), Monterey, and Robinhood constitute the major population centers of this district.  

This will be interesting to watch.

District 60 Map.
Article from NE Daily Journal.
Mississippi Today article.

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