Friday, December 1, 2017

Miller's 471 Grill & Pizza is Now Route 471

In its hobbit hole in downtown Jackson, Miller's was hard to beat for a quick bite at lunch.  The Philly Cheese Steak was second to none.  Naturally, I was excited when Miller's opened near my home in 2012.  The service and quality of food fluctuated, sometimes dramatically, over the past five years.  Unimpressed, and often disappointed, my family drifted away.  I can't say we've eaten there in the past two years.  Perusing recent reviews on Facebook, is painful; folks are consistent in their frustration with the quality of service. 

Hopefully, that has all come to an end.  Millers 471 Grill and Pizza is now under new ownership and they are transitioning a new name, Route 471.  Go to the Facebook Page for more info.  My family will be trying it out soon. 

Thanks to EC for the tip!


Anonymous said...

FYI- Thursday is Beef Tips or Chicken fried steak. Friday is Catfish or Smoked Pork Chops...

Al-Pal said...

Well hopefully they can improve service and the food. It has been mediocre at best and I would love to support this location since it's so close to me. My last phone in order was not put in to cook until I got there to pick up with no apologies.