Monday, February 26, 2018

Note on School Walk Outs from RCSD

Here is another note from RCSD Superintendent, Dr. Sue Townsend.  This time, it involves safety issues, disruptions and loss of instructional time inherent in anticipated walkouts.

School Safety

Note from RCSD Superintendent: Dr. Sue Townsend

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,
    There has been some conversation at various schools across the country about planned student walkouts or other activities in response to the tragic Florida school shooting. We are all heart broken over the Florida event and students are concerned but our priority is to keep our students safe.
    Each principal at our schools has the discretion to work with their teachers and student organizations to decide on ways to remember the victims from Florida and ways for students to share their concerns in a safe manner.
    Any student that participates in activities that may cause a safety issue, cause a disruption at school, or cause a loss of instructional time will be subject to disciplinary action. Again, the safety of our students is top priority and school will operate as normal each day. Please discuss this with your student.
    Thank you for your support, cooperation and understanding.
    Serving you,
    Sue Townsend, Ph.D. Signature
    Sue Townsend, Ph.D.

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