Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Halfway House Coming to Audubon Point?

Below is a post from the NextDoor app concerning a possible halfway house for recovering addicts in Audubon Point. 

Oxford House halfway house coming to Swallow Drive Despite our efforts, it seems as though the Oxford House organization will be bringing one of its halfway houses to our neighborhood. If you’re unfamiliar, https://www.oxfordhouse.org/userfiles/file/purpose_and_structure.phpI’m sure their efforts are noble, but this is not what I care to have in my neighborhood, for multiple reasons. The methods they have used to circumvent the “single family occupancy” restriction is devious and disingenuous. They have purchased 210 Swallow Drive, and one of our neighbors has been told that the tenants will move in April 1.
Our former neighborhood in Jackson fought this and lost. If this doesn’t settle well with you, please call John Sigman’s office at (601) 856-6574 and voice your concerns.
I don't know anything about the Oxford Houses' intentions in the Rez area outside of this post.  However, if you would like to educate yourself on prior Oxford House drama, take a look at the Kingfish's posts.

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