Wednesday, April 18, 2018

News on the Road Work on the Spillway

April 18, 2018
Periodic Lane Closure on Bob Anthony Parkway

Repaving of the upper road of Bob Anthony Parkway, also known as Spillway Road west bound across the Barnett Reservoir Dam, is scheduled to begin Monday, April 23, 2018, the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District has announced.

The project, made possible by federal transportation grants administered through the Mississippi Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, is expected to last approximately six weeks, weather permitting.

While lane closures will be necessary each weekday, no closures will take place during the morning commute hours of 7 to 9 a.m.

Drivers should plan ahead, expect delays, and remain vigilant. Please slow down, and respect the workers in the area.

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Anonymous said...

Is Spillway Rd. to be patched or repaved?
So far, it has been sloppy patch work.

Anonymous said...

I think what they are doing is repairing the roadbed where it needs it, and then opening it back up, in an attempt to not have to wholesale close between 7 and 9. Once they get those parts completed, then they can fresh layer the whole thing.

I might be wrong, and that is a guess, but that appears to be whats going on.

Anonymous said...

It’s dangerous as it is now. This is a really sloppy repair. Who is inspecting the work?