Monday, September 24, 2018

When Fishing, Better Bring Bucket Labeled "Trash"

Below is a press release concerning a proposed regulation regarding trash.  Please understand that this is not yet a binding regulation -- it is simply in the comment phase.  If you have comments, send them to the PRVWSD at

Media Release
For Immediate Release
24 September 2018
PRVWSD plan: Fishermen must carry trash receptacle
Board trying to curb litter on Barnett Reservoir banks

Looking to end a continuing problem of litter on the banks of the Barnett Reservoir and especially at the Spillway Recreation Area, the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District passed a proposed regulation Thursday that would require fishermen to carry a dedicated trash receptacle while fishing at the 33,000-acre lake.

Boaters are already required to have a trash container, and the new proposal would cover “any person, firm, or corporation fishing from the shore or bank of the Main Lake or any dyke, levy, groin, jetty or more appurtenant to the waters within the Reservoir Project Area.”
By container, the proposal includes the language, “a container marked ‘Thrash’ with stencil or other clear markings for the disposal of garbage or refuse.”

Kenny Latham, chairman of PRVWSD’s Parks Policy Committee, said the intent is to require a bucket of some type and not a bag, and give officers an enforceable litter law.

“This proposal came from meetings with fishermen, and was actually their idea,” Latham said. “It has the support of the Spillway Fishing Group and Keep the Reservoir Beautiful, and KRB is hoping to contribute bright orange labels like a bumper sticker that has ‘Trash’ on it.

“What it does is give enforcement officers a more enforceable law regarding litter on the banks. As it stands now, an officer must see the person drop the trash and then leave, which could be hours later. Once this law is in effect, the officer will have a tool to help stop littering - if you’re fishing and do not have a container, you could be ticketed.”

Under Mississippi’s Administrative Procedures Act, the proposal must undergo a mandatory comment period beginning the day it is posted by the Secretary of State. Comments can be made by email to, or by land mail to PRVWSD Comments, P.O. Box 2180, Ridgeland MS 39158.

After that time, the Board of Directors can move to take final action on the proposal, and the law would be effective 30 days later, which should be on or about Jan. 1, 2019.
Violations of the law would be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $1,000.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Jennifer Hall Re-Elected President of PRVWSD Board


September 21, 2018

Hall to remain PRVWSD Board President
Current slate of officers reelected unanimously Thursday

Jennifer Hall of Brandon was reelected Thursday to a second one-year term as president of the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District Board of Directors.

Hall, who was appointed to the board by Gov. Phil Bryant in 2016 as a representative of Rankin County, is the ninth President - and the first female to hold the position - since PRVWSD was formed in 1958.

At the September PRVWSD board meeting, all current officers were unanimously re-elected, including Vice President Billy Cook of Carthage and Secretary Phillip Crosby of Leake County.

Two PRVWSD staff members will continue to assist the Board; Deputy Director Susan McMullan will continue to act as Treasurer and Executive Assistant Cindy Ford will remain as Assistant Board Secretary.

PRVWSD is a state agency that oversees operation of Barnett Reservoir. Its Board of Directors has 14 members that include two each from the five counties that border its property (Hinds, Leake, Madison, Rankin and Scott), and four representatives of state agencies (Health, Forestry, Environmental Quality, and Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks). Eight of the 14 must be leaseholders of PRVWSD, including both members from Madison and Rankin counties and all four agency appointments.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Troy Odom for Chancery Judge

My campaign for Rankin County Chancery Judge has understandably usurped much of the time I spent blogging on this site.  I'd like to share a video from the campaign trail.  I'd also appreciate your vote on November 6.

This video was paid for by The Friends of Troy Odom and approved by me.

Pearl River Clean Sweep Pics

By all accounts, the Pearl River Clean Sweep was a success.  Tons of refuse dragged from the bowels of the river by hundreds of volunteers.  Go to the following sites for pics:

  - Pearl Riverkeeper Facebook Page.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

9/11 Memorial Run

Yesterday, the Rez Fire Department ran around Pelahatchie Bay -- many in full gear -- to commemorate their brothers who sacrificed their lives on September 11, 2001.  In my opinion, this is the best tradition/annual event at the Rez.  As a fellow Rez citizen, thank you to the local fire department and other first responders who ran; thank you also to Keep the Rez Beautiful and to Americorp, to the Boy Scouts from St. Marks, and to the many other volunteers who made this special tribute happen.  You are what make the Reservoir the greatest place to live and work.

For photos from the event, check out the following Facebook pages:

 - Reservoir Fire Department
 - Flowood Rotary Club

Monday, September 10, 2018

Weed Spraying in the Rez

Media Release
For Immediate Release
10 September 2018

Giant salvinia found in Barnett Reservoir
Aggressive treatment to begin soon in Pelahatchie Bay

Giant salvinia, an aggressive non-native aquatic plant, has been found in the Pelahatchie Bay area of Barnett Reservoir near Jackson, the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District announced.

Efforts to eradicate giant salvinia will require multiple applications of multiple herbicides, which the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) said will also have an unfortunate impact on important native vegetation, such as lotus (lily pads).

MDWFP first discovered giant salvinia in a small isolated patch along the Bay’s north shore earlier this summer, but recently located more of the problematic plant in pockets spread through a five-acre area. Efforts to contain its spread have begun, and the MDWFP will soon begin an aggressive spraying campaign to eradicate it.

Giant salvinia, an aquatic fern, is native to Brazil and was first found in the U.S. in South Carolina in 1995. MDWFP biologists say it is one of this country’s most dreaded invasive plants because of its rapid growth potential and the difficulty of eradication. Research has found that it is capable of doubling its biomass in 36 hours in optimal conditions, which include warm, still waters.

If unchecked, the plant can take over an entire lake cove in a matter of weeks with mats up to three feet thick, choking out all aquatic life and making boating, swimming or fishing impossible in affected areas.

This is the second time giant salvinia has been found in Barnett Reservoir. In 2013, a biologist recognized a small patch in the harbor at the Goshen Springs Boat Ramp on Mississippi Highway 43. It was quickly eradicated and removed from the water.

Since it is believed the plant is introduced to new waters primarily by boaters, PRVWSD and MDWFP officials say it is important that anglers and boaters clean, drain, and dry their boating equipment after each use to limit the spread of invasive species, and to report all non-native aquatic species they encounter to MDWFP Fisheries Bureau.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Pearl River Clean Sweep

Media Release
For Immediate Release
5 September 2018

Reservoir spillway area to close Sept. 15-16
to facilitate 2nd annual Operation Clean Sweep

Barnett Reservoir officials have announced that the Spillway Recreation Area below the dam will be closed Sept. 15-16 to accommodate the 2nd annual Operation Clean Sweep on the Pearl River.

The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, the state agency that oversees the 33,000-acre lake, said the gates on the access ramps on both sides of the spillway will be locked at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday Sept. 15 and only volunteers and staff working on the cleanup will be allowed to enter until further notice.

Officials said work is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. Saturday on the west side of the spillway and continue until it is complete. Cleaning on the east side, or Rankin County side, will follow and the east side parking lot will serve as the collection site for all trash gathered in the reservoir and nearby areas.

Organized by Pearl Riverkeeper Abby Braman of Madison, Operation Clean Sweep targets the entire Pearl River watershed, from the headwaters at Nanih Waiya above Philadelphia to the Pearl’s mouth on the Mississippi and Louisiana border at the Gulf of Mexico. It involves 490 miles of river flowing through 15 Mississippi counties and two Louisiana parishes. Using over 30 collection sites, the 2017 Sweep saw 1,015 volunteers pull 36,782 pounds of trash from the Pearl River.

For more information on or to volunteer for Operation Clean Sweep, visit