Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Bay is Back in Business

After a long fight against Giant Salvinia, an invasive plant, the bay will reopen in time for Summer.


  1. Are boating restrictions on pelahatchie bay devaluing property prices?
    Has the prvwsd failure to dredge and maintain the bay a factor in the loss of property values.
    Is it time for a lawsuit?
    A couple of communities r ently won a lawsuit to force the prvwsd to pay for sea walls.

  2. The bay is not really open. The water is at 296ft. Can't get my boat in and out of my boat house. My channel is shallow you can damage you motor. You can't go under the bridge into the main water. I really don't call that open. The water needs to be at about 297 to really call it open.

    Cardinal Circle homeowner.

  3. At 296 I cannot get my boat in or out of my boathouse. It has been in my yard since the closure. They should spray and get the water level back up.

  4. They are keeping the water too low. They neglected to dredge Pelahatchie Bay channels properly. Now, a lot of homeowners on these channels can't get boats out. Travelling up river is rife with boat damaging danger due to low water levels. No one will talk or post about it!!!