Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Rankin County Sample Primary Ballots

With the primary election less than one month away, now is the time to familiarize yourself with the ballot and determine your candidate of choice.

Democratic Primary

Republican Primary

Note - These ballots contain all positions for all districts.  Depending on your residence, you will only vote on certain local district races and  your actual ballot will be shortened accordingly.

The Rankin County side of the Rez is generally the following districts:

House District 59 - Brent Powell(R) - Incumbent - Unopposed

House District 74 - This district is generally south of Lakeland Drive and Brandon proper but includes a small portion of Flowood Proper fairly close to the Rez. This is formerly Mark Baker's Seat.  Former State Senator Lee Yancey(R) will face off against Jason McCarty (D) in the general election for this seat.

House 75 - (Northern part of Rez and eastern Rankin County)
Tom Miles (D) - Incumbent v. Vance Cox (R)

Senate - 20 - Josh Harkins (R) - Unopposed

Senate - 30 - This district includes a small portion of Flowood proper near the Rez but is primarily Pearl.  Dean Kirby (R) - Unopposed

County Supervisor District 2 - Daniel Cross - Unopposed
County Supervisor District 5 - Jay Bishop - Unopposed
Justice Court District 2 - See Ballots
Justice Court District 4 - See Ballots
Constable District - TBD

You can look at your voter registration card, this map, or call the circuit clerk to determine your specific district.

Not sure what to make of all the unopposed races.  Congrats to the winners by default, but I would welcome the policy debates that a true race brings.

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