Saturday, August 3, 2019

Lake Harbour Drive Extension Under Construction

Progress continues on the City of Ridgeland's extension of Lake Harbor Drive.  The extension project will allow travel from Spillway road west to Highland Colony (via a bridge over I-55).

The road will include sidewalks and a multipurpose trail. 

Unfortunately, as evident in the picture above, there will not be any interstate access as, according to city leaders, it's too close to the Natchez Trace exit (immediately north) and I-220 junction (immediately south). 

Nonetheless, another east-west corridor for Reservoir area residents is helpful.

Although the new road doesn't make I-55 significantly more accessible, it will make trips to the new Costco easier.  Costco is currently under construction just north of where the new road intersects with Highland Colony. 

The project is estimated to cost approximately $22 million, with 80% of the cost paid by federal funds. 

Completion is scheduled in the summer of 2020.     


Anonymous said...

good, I gave up on wondering what those lads are doing on County Line RR tracks.

Anonymous said...

It should alleviate some crowding on Jackson street...

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this! Will save me time on my commute. Disappointed there will be no exit access. This would be so much easier to explain to clients looking for our office than having them got to Old Agency and turn back south at the roundabout.