Thursday, October 31, 2019

Expect Delays on Spillway Road Starting Saturday, November 2, 2019.

Rankin County Supervisor Daniel Cross (District 2) posted the following update on the ongoing road construction and improvements near Spillway Road and Northshore Drive on his official Facebook Page, which is embedded below.

Beginning on Saturday, the Spillway Rd “repaving” phase of this project will begin. Adcamp will be putting down a new surface (overlay with new asphalt/ along with striping). They will be doing this one lane at a time in order to help traffic flow.
This work will begin on Saturday in order to try and make it as easy as possible on the traffic flow. Adcamp has advised us that they will be mindful of the traffic congestion and do their best to make it as easy on our community as possible. This paving project will begin at Spillway (near old Rapids) and go to Hugh Ward BLVD.

I am really excited that this phase is beginning and a new overlay will be in place. Once this is complete, new striping will be put down and hopefully make this area a safer place to drive.
I understand that this project causes some inconveniences to everyone as they make their way to work and around they area. I apologize, but we contract these projects out and stress the importance of safety for everyone.
Hemphill construction company has worked hard and had to overcome several unforeseen obstacles in putting this project together. Weather is messing with them a little now, but next week looks really good and I am excited about their upcoming schedule.
There is never a good time for this type of work and I understand that it is a mess out there. In hindsight, I probably should have just closed the intersection completely for a few months and had everyone use 471 to move around, but I felt the inconvenience was worth the shorter route.
When the county bids the projects out to our contractors, we are at their mercy and control. We oversee the project, but the daily operational plans fall under their command.
This entire project is going to look really good once we are done.
As I get some more definite time parameters on the intersection, I will advise. The “paving phase” of Spillway Rd from the Spillway to Hugh Ward will begin on Saturday and hopefully last about 7-10 days.
Thanks for your patience

Reservoir Begins Managing High Water Event (PRVWSD Press Release)

No photo description available.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

NWR @ Flowood High School Construction Update

Thrash Construction, the general contractor for the new NWR @ Flowood High School posted the below video and update on construction on its Facebook Page.


The current NWRHS is being renovated to use for a middle school (grades 6-8).

The existing middle school is being renovated to use for 9th grade only.

According to RCSD's website, approximately $59 Million of the total $178 Million bond issue proceeds are allocated to projects in the Northwest Zone (see page 4).

Good schools and the perception of good schools are crucial to maintaining property values and the continued growth of our area.  RCSD is competing with and compared to not only Madison and Clinton but also Hartfield, Jackson Prep, and others.  Hopefully, these new projects will provide great facilities for RCSD students and faculty that result in positive outcomes for each student. 

Let's be honest though, the new high school is surely going to be called Flowood High School, right?

Sunday, October 27, 2019

New Breakfast, Brunch Restaurant Coming to Flowood

According to public notices published for approval of a qualified resort in Flowood (i.e. the legal mechanism that restaurants must go through to sell liquor by the glass in Flowood), Another Broken Egg is opening a new restaurant soon near Academy Sports and Chicken Salad Chick. 

The Another Broken Egg website confirms the location coming soon. 

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Rankin-Hinds Flood Control District Website and One Lake Plan

The Rankin-Hinds Flood Control District has an interesting website here:

Lots of maps and data regarding the proposed One-Lake project are available on the website, including this one:

Interestingly, the website notes that One-Lake will not contain a mechanical dam like the Reservoir but instead simply involve moving an existing weir 4 miles south.  According to the website, a weir allows water to overflow the top of the structure at all times.  The Reservoir dam contains mechanical gates that can be operated to adjust outflow from the Reservoir (and the water level in the reservoir) from time to time.

So, if the water level in One-Lake is not something that can be manipulated or adjusted for rain events, how does it provide flood control?  The four Army Corp of Engineer lakes in North Mississippi built specifically for flood control have significant vertical capacity available to impound lots of water.  For example, earlier this year Sardis Lake rose approximately 35+ feet and certainly helped mitigate the tremendous flooding experienced in the Mississippi Delta.  There is probably a good answer to this question, but it's not apparent from the website.

Despite this question and although the One-Lake Project has been subject to some controversy, it is important to note that nothing material has been done to prevent another 1979 or 1983 flood event from occurring.  Further, the success of the central core city is important to the entire metropolitan area, and some other cities similar to Jackson have redeveloped around a water feature.  So, if the One-Lake project will encourage the redevelopment of downtown Jackson and reduce the risk of flooding in the Metro area, the advantages just might outweigh the disadvantages.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Spillway Road Widening Project Continues

Looking west on Spillway Road just west of the intersection with Hugh Ward Blvd. 
Turning west onto Spillway Road from Hugh Ward Blvd. should be a bit easier soon.  As is evident on the ground, the Mississippi Department of Transportation is adding a westbound lane to Spillway Road from the intersection of Hugh Ward Blvd. west toward Old Fannin.  Work is also occurring on the southern end of North Shore Parkway.

I have personally sat through multiple cycles of the traffic signal at Hugh Ward and Spillway (usually when I'm late to my son's soccer game or practice), so this expansion project is undoubtedly a welcome sight.  According to, the project also includes upgrades to the traffic signal, so presumably, both northbound lanes on Hugh Ward will be permitted to turn left (west) onto Spillway.

The project budget is approximately $1.8 million with about 20% of that ($360k) coming from Rankin County and the remainder from the Mississippi DOT. 

Here is the Rankin County Board of Supervisors' action in December 2018 analyzing the project bids and authorizing the project (subject to MDOT approval).  I hope to post the actual construction contract or at least the time for completion (i.e. the date that liquidated damages start to accrue for the contractor) as that provides value here.

This is certainly a welcome project, but the Old Fannin Road - Spillway Road intersection is likely to become more of a bottleneck in the future. 

Looking north on North Shore Parkway