Wednesday, October 30, 2019

NWR @ Flowood High School Construction Update

Thrash Construction, the general contractor for the new NWR @ Flowood High School posted the below video and update on construction on its Facebook Page.


The current NWRHS is being renovated to use for a middle school (grades 6-8).

The existing middle school is being renovated to use for 9th grade only.

According to RCSD's website, approximately $59 Million of the total $178 Million bond issue proceeds are allocated to projects in the Northwest Zone (see page 4).

Good schools and the perception of good schools are crucial to maintaining property values and the continued growth of our area.  RCSD is competing with and compared to not only Madison and Clinton but also Hartfield, Jackson Prep, and others.  Hopefully, these new projects will provide great facilities for RCSD students and faculty that result in positive outcomes for each student. 

Let's be honest though, the new high school is surely going to be called Flowood High School, right?

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