Sunday, October 6, 2019

Spillway Road Widening Project Continues

Looking west on Spillway Road just west of the intersection with Hugh Ward Blvd. 
Turning west onto Spillway Road from Hugh Ward Blvd. should be a bit easier soon.  As is evident on the ground, the Mississippi Department of Transportation is adding a westbound lane to Spillway Road from the intersection of Hugh Ward Blvd. west toward Old Fannin.  Work is also occurring on the southern end of North Shore Parkway.

I have personally sat through multiple cycles of the traffic signal at Hugh Ward and Spillway (usually when I'm late to my son's soccer game or practice), so this expansion project is undoubtedly a welcome sight.  According to, the project also includes upgrades to the traffic signal, so presumably, both northbound lanes on Hugh Ward will be permitted to turn left (west) onto Spillway.

The project budget is approximately $1.8 million with about 20% of that ($360k) coming from Rankin County and the remainder from the Mississippi DOT. 

Here is the Rankin County Board of Supervisors' action in December 2018 analyzing the project bids and authorizing the project (subject to MDOT approval).  I hope to post the actual construction contract or at least the time for completion (i.e. the date that liquidated damages start to accrue for the contractor) as that provides value here.

This is certainly a welcome project, but the Old Fannin Road - Spillway Road intersection is likely to become more of a bottleneck in the future. 

Looking north on North Shore Parkway

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