Thursday, February 13, 2020

District 2 Supervisor, Daniel Cross Update On Spillway/Northshore Road Construction

Rankin County Supervisor (R - District 2) posted the following update to his Facebook page:

I just wanted to give an update from our Board of Supervisors meeting this morning.
Northshore / Spillway Project 
We have had numerous meetings with Hemphill Construction over the last few weeks. Their work over the last two months is unacceptable and I’m am extremely disappointed. No one has been on site since the 27th of November. We have had numerous issues with vehicles being damaged and extremely long delays. Our county crews have been out constantly trying to make this area as best as possible. 

One of the things that has made this process very difficult to understand is the Mdot regs on work days. These guidelines are very limited on the required days for work during December, January and February. For example, they can only be charged for 5 days of work in February regardless of how many they actually work. This allows the contractor to manipulate the time parameters. This was about a “110 day project” that began on May 12. Very little work was done in Aug/Sept, thus creating the mess they are in now.
Enough of the stuff most people don’t want to hear... 

So here is the latest:
The county has convinced Hemphill to finish the Spillway lane that was added immediately. Their plan was to do this under their final overlay. This has changed and they will finish this immediately. There is one additional lane to be dug out on Northshore and repair, but it cannot be done in this rainy weather. So in the mean time, some overlay will be done in the areas that are completed around the intersections and Kroger. Also, the new traffic light will be installed over the next 10 days.
This project is funded with an 80/20 match with MDOT. The county portion is around 400k. These contracts and oversight rests mainly on MDOT. The county adheres to their regulations 

In summary, Spillway Rd additions will be finished Immediately. This will tie in directly with the county’s overlay from November. Additional patch work and buttoning up of the intersections on Northshore will begin in the next 10 days as they wait for dryer weather to replace the inner lane. This should make the area safer and traffic to flow better. 
I apologize for this mess and inconvenience. Hopefully this will be done soon.


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